Practical advice about property and market comment from a Chartered Surveyor

Tree Planning

Walking along a street, I passed a flint wall with a tree behind it. Then I did a double-take, and came back and took out my camera. Close behind the wall was a tree; the tree had been growing quietly, as trees do, and had recently got to the point where its pressure...

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Advice for conveyancers from a Surveyor

The conveyancing process will usually involve the input of a chartered surveyor, often carrying out a simple mortgage valuation or a more detailed report. Here are a few facts that will help the conveyancer guide their client. A Valuation is not a Survey! A...

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As soon as the morning news of this apparently inexcusable tragedy broke, surveyors here began digging, driven by professional interest. Soon - based on news reports and on publicly available information – we formed the view that many shortcomings had arisen; before...

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Attics and Lofts, Secrets and Lies

Surveyors love a loft! They are so revealing. Most properties undergo continuous updating, and Victorian or earlier houses may have substantially altered interiors but the loft tells much. In here, the surveyor can find features that allow him...

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